What Are Indispensable Tools Or Apps for Real Estate Agents?


    What Are Indispensable Tools Or Apps for Real Estate Agents?

    In the fast-paced world of real estate, agents rely on cutting-edge tools to stay ahead. We've gathered insights from founders and CEOs to reveal the one tool they deem essential. From Canva's ability to enhance professional materials to SaneBox acting as an email efficiency assistant, explore the six indispensable tools that are transforming the real estate landscape.

    • Canva Enhances Professional Materials
    • Matterport for Immersive Virtual Tours
    • DocuSign Streamlines Signature Collection
    • Mobile CRM for On-the-Go Management
    • Adobe Acrobat for Document Efficiency
    • SaneBox: Your Email Efficiency Assistant

    Canva Enhances Professional Materials

    I have been using Canva for the last 18 months, and I don't know how I used to work without it. It is so easy to use and makes all your materials look professional and attractive, i.e., social media posts, displays, brochures. I can also share it with my colleagues, and it helps even the least savvy among us.

    Iumie Watanabe Kirkaldy
    Iumie Watanabe KirkaldyOffice Manager, Spencer Becks Estate Agents

    Matterport for Immersive Virtual Tours

    One indispensable tool for real estate agents is Matterport, a 3-D virtual tour platform. Matterport allows agents to create immersive virtual tours of properties, giving potential buyers a comprehensive and realistic experience from anywhere in the world. This tool is particularly valuable in today's competitive market, as it enables agents to showcase properties in a highly engaging and interactive way, increasing buyer interest and expediting the sales process.

    Paige Robinson
    Paige RobinsonReal estate investor, House Buyers

    DocuSign Streamlines Signature Collection

    One indispensable tool for a real estate agent is DocuSign. This app allows for secure electronic signature collection, which is crucial for expediting transactions, reducing paperwork, and providing a seamless experience for clients who may be remote or have tight schedules. It streamlines the entire document-signing process, saving time and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

    Gagan Saini
    Gagan SainiFounder, Jit Home Buyers

    Mobile CRM for On-the-Go Management

    One indispensable tool for me is a mobile CRM app. This app allows agents to efficiently manage client information, track leads, and follow up on prospects while on the go.

    With features like contact management, task reminders, and calendar integration, a mobile CRM ensures that agents stay organized and responsive to client needs, even when away from their desks. By centralizing client communication and data, this tool enables agents to provide personalized service and maintain strong relationships, ultimately enhancing productivity and facilitating successful transactions.

    Perry Zheng
    Perry ZhengFounder and CEO, Pallas

    Adobe Acrobat for Document Efficiency

    Adobe Acrobat is the one tool I can't work without as a real estate agent. This app is indispensable because it allows me to edit, annotate, and securely share PDF documents, which is crucial for managing contracts, listings, and other real estate paperwork. With Adobe Acrobat, I can quickly make changes, add digital signatures, and even combine multiple documents into a single file. This versatility not only saves me time but also ensures a seamless experience for my clients, who appreciate the streamlined process.

    Bennett Heyn
    Bennett HeynCEO, Sell House Columbus Ohio

    SaneBox: Your Email Efficiency Assistant

    SaneBox: It's like having an incredibly efficient assistant who makes sure I never miss an important email, keeping my inbox manageable and my responses timely.

    Loren Howard
    Loren HowardFounder, Prime Plus Mortgages