What Are Unique Home Staging Strategies to Attract Potential Buyers?


    What Are Unique Home Staging Strategies to Attract Potential Buyers?

    Discovering unique staging strategies can be a game-changer for real estate agents looking to captivate potential buyers. We've gathered five inventive tips from Realtors and CEOs, ranging from incorporating local art to highlighting modernity with stainless-steel accents. Dive into these creative insights to transform any property into a buyer's dream.

    • Incorporate Local Art and Personal Touches
    • Create Memorable Moments with Foot Covers
    • Enhance Appeal with Virtual Reality Tours
    • Set Up Aspirational Lifestyle Vignettes
    • Highlight Modernity with Stainless-Steel Accents

    Incorporate Local Art and Personal Touches

    I am a Realtor on the Big Island of Hawaii and have staged more than a few homes. There are often times when a home needs that extra pop—perhaps a centerpiece that wows or a lanai set that invites the buyer into relaxation mode.

    Once, while listing a multi-acre luxury home in Honokaa, I had to think outside the box. For those who may not know, Honokaa is a picturesque town located on the northeastern coast of the Big Island. It's known for its rolling pastures, stunning ocean views, and a charming, laid-back atmosphere that perfectly blends rural living with the beauty of Hawaii.

    The home I was staging in Honokaa was dramatic, with tall ceilings and powerful, sharp edges, giant exposed wood beams, and expansive views of the jungle and ocean beyond. However, it was missing that final touch to make it truly unforgettable. While browsing a local farmers market, I found an artist whose work captured the vibrant essence of the island. He agreed to lend me four of his paintings for the listing. I displayed a plaque with his information in the home, so each showing and open house became like a gallery event, drawing in art enthusiasts and adding a unique flair to the property.

    Before I was a Realtor, I was a professional sculptor and artist. Drawing on my artistic background, I decided to create a piece myself. In one large room, I painted a giant 5x6 canvas depicting a banana grove that perfectly matched the room's color scheme and covered a massive wall. This piece added a personal touch and highlighted the room's potential as a dynamic and inviting space.

    When the home sold, the buyer was so impressed with the art pieces used in the staging that they purchased many of them. This approach not only helped sell the home but also supported local artists and showcased the property's unique charm.

    Staging a home is not just about filling it with furniture—it's about creating an atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers and makes them feel connected to the space. By incorporating local art and personal touches, you can transform a house into a home that buyers will fall in love with.

    Julie Armstrong
    Julie ArmstrongRealtor, The Papakea Collection

    Create Memorable Moments with Foot Covers

    If the staging budget is limited and not all rooms can be staged, I can get virtual staging for the empty rooms. I will print and frame the virtually staged spaces and leave them in a place for the buyer to 'see' the potential of the space.

    I have also created a nice setup next to the property's front door, with foot covers, a wastebasket, and a printed and framed message to buyers. The note will request that potential buyers wear foot covers to help keep the floors clean. These foot covers do two things. The first is to create a memorable moment for the buyers to differentiate the house from others. The action of putting on the foot covers interrupts their normal 'touring' of homes and better sets the home apart. The second way the foot covers work is to set a higher expectation of the property, which should translate to increased value.

    Erin Hybart
    Erin HybartBlog Manager, ReErin.com

    Enhance Appeal with Virtual Reality Tours

    I’m Drew Heberer, a Business Intelligence Analyst specializing in real estate and the owner of Heberer Homes USA, based in Davenport, IA. With a keen eye for detail and an understanding of market trends, I’ve developed innovative staging techniques to enhance the appeal of properties. Here’s one unique way I’ve staged a home to make it more appealing to potential buyers:

    Unique Staging Technique: Virtual Reality Home Tours

    One unique approach I implemented involved using virtual reality (VR) to stage a home. In a competitive market where buyers often struggle to visualize the potential of an empty or outdated space, VR staging offers an immersive experience. Here’s how it worked:

    Virtual Furnishing and Decor: We created a VR tour that allowed potential buyers to walk through the home and see it fully furnished with modern, stylish furniture and decor. This included everything from living room setups to bedroom designs, giving buyers a clear picture of how each space could look.

    Customizable Features: Buyers could customize the staging in the VR environment, such as changing wall colors, swapping furniture styles, or even redesigning the layout. This interactive feature helped them personalize their experience and envision the home as their own.

    Remote Accessibility: Given the rise of remote work and out-of-state relocations, this VR tour allowed buyers to explore the home from anywhere in the world. This broadened the pool of potential buyers and reduced the need for physical staging, saving time and costs.

    Enhanced Marketing: We integrated the VR tour into our online listings and social media campaigns. This high-tech feature attracted tech-savvy buyers and generated buzz, leading to increased interest and showings.

    This innovative staging method not only enhanced the visual appeal of the home but also provided a unique, engaging experience for potential buyers, ultimately leading to a quicker sale.

    Contact Information:

    Full Name: Drew Heberer

    Title: Business Intelligence Analyst / Owner

    Company: Heberer Homes USA

    Location: Davenport, IA

    Email: drewheberer@gmail.com

    Drew Heberer
    Drew HebererOwner, Heberer Homes, LLC

    Set Up Aspirational Lifestyle Vignettes

    One unique staging technique we've implemented involves creating lifestyle vignettes that resonate with our target buyers' aspirations. For a recent property, we set up a home office with modern tech gadgets and cozy decor, capitalizing on the rising trend of remote work. This not only showcased the home's potential but also sparked the imagination of potential buyers, leading to a quicker sale and at a premium price. Tailoring spaces to current trends really sets our properties apart.

    Ryan Whitcher
    Ryan WhitcherFounder & CEO, Harmony Home Buyers

    Highlight Modernity with Stainless-Steel Accents

    One unique way I've staged homes to appeal to potential buyers is by incorporating stainless-steel furniture and accents. Stainless-steel tables and chairs, for instance, can add a modern and sophisticated touch to dining areas or outdoor spaces. They reflect light, create a sense of spaciousness, and convey durability and quality craftsmanship. By strategically placing stainless-steel pieces in key living spaces, I've enhanced the home's appeal and highlighted its contemporary design elements.

    Rudy Tjokrosuwarno
    Rudy TjokrosuwarnoCEO, Multimo