What Habits Contribute to the Success of a Real Estate Agent?


    What Habits Contribute to the Success of a Real Estate Agent?

    In the competitive world of real estate, certain habits stand out as key contributors to an agent's success. We've gathered insights from eight seasoned professionals, including Owners and Realtors, to uncover these pivotal routines. From practicing active listening to cultivating professional grit, discover the single habits that these experts attribute to their achievements in the industry.

    • Practice Active Listening
    • Embrace Calculated Risks
    • Maintain Regular Contact
    • Provide Solutions Proactively
    • Listen and Adjust Accordingly
    • Communicate Proactively
    • Follow Up Post-Sale
    • Cultivate Professional Grit

    Practice Active Listening

    The most impactful habit that's fueled my success is actively listening to my clients' needs and concerns. This habit is more than just hearing what they say; it's about understanding their emotions, motivations, and underlying desires.

    Early in my career, I worked with a buyer who initially seemed indecisive about neighborhoods. Through patient listening over multiple showings, I discovered her desire for a quiet community and proximity to good schools for her future family. By truly understanding her priorities, I suggested a new area that perfectly fit her actual needs. She purchased a home there and deeply appreciated my attentiveness and ability to understand her vision. This experience solidified the value of actively listening to identify clients' needs without judgment.

    Now, I prioritize giving my clients my full attention so I can work with them as a knowledgeable partner. This has strengthened my connection, leading to higher client satisfaction and a consistent stream of referrals, contributing to my business growth year after year. Active listening is undoubtedly the most valuable investment in my success as a real estate agent.

    Scott Nachitilo
    Scott NachitiloOwner, OKC Home Realty Services

    Embrace Calculated Risks

    The gift to take many calculated risks, no matter the amount of fear that I may possess. Many times, agents have to take several initial steps before seeing any kind of return. It is very frightening and uncomfortable. Nonetheless, for those who take the leap of faith, the returns are great!

    Hubert TateAgent, Keller Williams Atlanta Buckhead

    Maintain Regular Contact

    Regular contact with both buyers and sellers is one of our golden rules. We fully expect some buyers to need more support and take longer than others to find their dream home. By keeping in regular contact, we aim to show buyers how important they are to us and to provide the best, personal service that we can. Similarly, keeping in regular contact with sellers gives them peace of mind that we are doing our best for them. A quick phone call just to let them know we are still advertising and talking about their property is worth five minutes of any agent's time!

    Valerie Becks
    Valerie BecksOwner, Spencer Becks

    Provide Solutions Proactively

    I look at my business as providing solutions and opportunities for my clients before they retain my real estate expertise. This allows them to get to know, like, and trust me. And it grows the relationship and provides them access to my extensive contact list. Real estate is a rear-load sales business. It is only after completing the 1) initial contact, 2) building trust by serving clients' business or charity building events, that 3) I get invited to solve their real estate challenges. This mindset has allowed me to service over 660 buyers and sellers over 20 years.

    Jerry Cook
    Jerry CookReal Estate Consultant, Coldwell Banker Realty

    Listen and Adjust Accordingly

    It takes many great habits to be a successful real estate agent. If I had to pick one, it would be to listen. Buyers and sellers know what their goal is, but a lot of the time they are overwhelmed on how to achieve it. An agent needs to listen to what they want and any concerns they may have. If the buyer and/or seller feel that they are being heard and that you understand their journey, it is likely to be a very enjoyable experience. Always remember that as you continue to work together, wants and needs may change, so keep listening and make the adjustments you need to have a smooth transaction.

    Nadine Locascio
    Nadine LocascioRealtor, Keller Williams Real Estate

    Communicate Proactively

    One of the single habits I believe contributes significantly to my success as a Real Estate Agent is proactive communication. I make it a point to keep all lines of communication open, frequently checking in with my clients, whether they be buyers or sellers, to keep them updated on any developments, offer advice, or simply provide reassurance. This proactive approach allows me to anticipate issues before they arise, address concerns promptly, and maintain a strong rapport with my clients, which is crucial in the competitive real estate market. This habit has helped me build trust and credibility with my clients, resulting in many repeat and referral business opportunities over the years, ultimately contributing to my overall success as an agent.

    Andy Whiteman
    Andy WhitemanRealtor, Re/Max Achievers

    Follow Up Post-Sale

    One habit that has contributed greatly to my success as a real estate agent is consistently following up and providing outstanding service long after the sale. I make a point to check in periodically with past clients, send market updates, and look for new ways I can add value. Real estate is a relationship business, so going above and beyond to show I'm a partner beyond just the transaction has been invaluable. This earns referrals, repeat business, and a stellar reputation that keeps growing my client base. While some agents move on after the signature, I work hard to foster loyalty by always being there as a trusted advisor. It's a simple thing, but that dedication to long-term service is a big reason my business has flourished through word of mouth. For me, success comes from building lifelong client relationships, not just one-time sales.

    Bennett Heyn
    Bennett HeynCEO, Sell House Columbus Ohio

    Cultivate Professional Grit

    The most important habit that contributes to my success in this industry as a real estate professional is GRIT -- my grit is built on three sub-habits/skills: confidence in my mastered expertise, but being willing and agile to adapt as needed, all while approaching every unfamiliar situation as an opportunity to learn and grow. Grit is one of the most powerful human resources; those who can build a professional foundation on grit will stand the test of time and weather any storm throughout its journey.

    Hana Cha
    Hana ChaFounder, HANA.