What Real Estate Market Trends Have You Capitalized On Recently?


    What Real Estate Market Trends Have You Capitalized On Recently?

    In the dynamic landscape of real estate, savvy owners and founders have identified lucrative trends to enhance their market position. From marketing suburban homes to remote workers to crafting offers for a challenging real estate market, explore the diverse strategies employed by our panel of thirteen industry experts.

    • Invest in Sustainable Property Upgrades
    • Partner With Developers for Turnkey Solutions
    • Craft Offers for Challenging Real Estate Market
    • Market Suburban Homes for Remote Workers
    • Specialize in Senior-Friendly Housing
    • Capitalize on House Hacking Trend
    • Target Vacation Home Demand
    • Enhance Virtual Tour Offerings
    • Promote Urban Farming and Gardening Spaces
    • Highlight Smart-Home Technology in Listings
    • Focus on Pet-Friendly Property Features
    • Sell in Walkable, Eco-Conscious Neighborhoods
    • Adapt Properties for Co-Living Arrangements

    Invest in Sustainable Property Upgrades

    One trend that has emerged in the real estate market is the increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly properties. Recognizing this shift, we strategically invested in renovating our properties to incorporate energy-efficient features and eco-friendly materials, aligning with the growing preferences of modern renters and buyers.

    For example, we upgraded properties with solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and sustainable building materials, which not only attracted environmentally-conscious tenants but also allowed us to command higher rental rates and property values.

    Additionally, we leveraged digital marketing channels to highlight these eco-friendly features and appeal to environmentally-conscious individuals actively seeking sustainable living options. Through targeted advertising campaigns on social media platforms and real estate websites, we effectively communicated our commitment to sustainability and differentiated our properties from competitors in the market.

    Johan Hajji
    Johan HajjiCEO & Founder, UpperKey

    Partner With Developers for Turnkey Solutions

    I recognized the need for new construction and major remodels in the Greater Los Angeles area, particularly in the beach cities. The South Bay boasts some of the best public schools in Los Angeles County, attracting buyers who are willing to pay top dollar, often with a premium, for turnkey homes.

    These buyers typically prefer to avoid taking on a major project as their first property in a new area. Additionally, financing options are limited, and most buyers are hesitant to spend out of pocket. Building or remodeling a home in a new area can be daunting.

    To address this, I have partnered with local developers to purchase old homes at lot value, creating a win-win situation. Sellers can avoid listing their homes on the market, paying for repairs, flexible or buyer-paid commissions, or hosting open houses. The spec developers offer flexibility, working with sellers to maximize their equity while accommodating their timelines, such as allowing the family to enjoy one last summer in their home before moving.

    Older homes with significant deferred maintenance often do not qualify for conventional mortgages. Developers in this market are cash buyers or use hard money, ensuring the sellers that the deal will close without the need for inspections, appraisals, or loan contingencies.

    Eric Kredatus
    Eric KredatusBroker Associate, DOMO Real Estate

    Craft Offers for Challenging Real Estate Market

    As a real estate and digital marketing consultant operating in the French market, I identified a crucial trend during the ongoing real estate crisis. With loan rates at an all-time high, potential homebuyers are becoming increasingly scarce, making it challenging for home sellers to navigate the market.

    Working with a real estate agency in the French Riviera, I leveraged this trend by crafting a compelling offer tailored to the current market conditions. Our offer addressed all the needs of home sellers striving to sell their properties despite the crisis. To maximize the impact of this offer, I developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed to amplify its reach and virality.

    By executing this strategy effectively, we were able to dominate the market even in these challenging times, ultimately generating millions of euros in revenue. This approach not only helped our clients successfully sell their homes but also positioned us as market leaders in a difficult economic environment.

    Arij Ahamraoui
    Arij AhamraouiReal estate and Marketing Consultant, Grandexio™

    Market Suburban Homes for Remote Workers

    I noticed the trend of remote work driving people to seek larger homes in suburban areas. To capitalize on this, I focused on marketing spacious suburban properties with dedicated home-office spaces. This strategy attracted remote workers looking to upgrade their living conditions and helped these homes sell quickly. It allowed me to match buyer preferences with available inventory, facilitating faster transactions.

    Jessica Wright
    Jessica WrightOwner, Buy My Home Chattanooga

    Specialize in Senior-Friendly Housing

    The trend toward aging in place made me specialize in homes with accessibility features such as single-story layouts, wheelchair ramps, and walk-in showers. Marketing these features attracted older buyers and those planning for long-term living. This strategy increased the appeal and marketability of these properties, leading to faster sales. It also built my reputation as a knowledgeable agent in senior-friendly housing.

    Amber Couron
    Amber CouronOwner, Home Buying Hounds

    Capitalize on House Hacking Trend

    As an investor with a seven-figure portfolio, one real estate market trend I've capitalized on is called house hacking. What's great about this option? It can help you get your foot in the door, even if current real estate prices are high.

    Here's how it works: instead of living alone, I rent out extra rooms in my home to cut my housing costs. I also buy and rent out properties by the room to college students, which maximizes my returns. Ultimately, house hacking can help you build wealth—even if you can't afford an investment property yet.

    Ryan Chaw
    Ryan ChawFounder and Real Estate Investor, Newbie Real Estate Investing

    Target Vacation Home Demand

    I capitalized on the increasing demand for vacation homes by focusing on properties in popular getaway locations. By marketing these homes as ideal for both personal use and rental income, I attracted buyers looking for dual-purpose investments. This approach led to quick sales and satisfied clients who enjoyed both a retreat and a revenue stream. It positioned me as an expert in the lucrative vacation home market.

    John Jones
    John JonesOwner, Sell My House Fast Now

    Enhance Virtual Tour Offerings

    The trend of digital house-hunting during the pandemic led me to enhance my virtual tour offerings. I invested in high-quality virtual tours and 3D walkthroughs, making it easier for buyers to view properties remotely. This innovation increased engagement and allowed buyers to make informed decisions without physical visits. It streamlined the buying process and increased my closing rate during challenging times.

    Garrett Lamb
    Garrett LambOwner, We Buy Houses Fast

    Promote Urban Farming and Gardening Spaces

    I noticed a rising interest in urban farming and gardening spaces, so I began highlighting properties with large yards, greenhouses, and community garden access. This attracted buyers interested in sustainable living and self-sufficiency. The trend helped me sell these homes quickly by appealing to a specific, motivated audience. It also set me apart as a promoter of eco-conscious urban living.

    Darcy Turner
    Darcy TurnerFounder, Investor Home Buyers

    Highlight Smart-Home Technology in Listings

    The demand for smart-home technology was a trend I leveraged by highlighting homes equipped with smart devices and automation systems. I emphasized the convenience, security, and energy savings these features offered. This attracted tech-savvy buyers and those looking for modern, efficient living. It differentiated my listings in a competitive market, leading to faster sales.

    Bennett Heyn
    Bennett HeynCEO, Sell House Columbus Ohio

    Focus on Pet-Friendly Property Features

    The popularity of pet-friendly amenities led me to focus on properties with fenced-in yards, nearby parks, and pet facilities. Promoting these features drew in buyers with pets looking for accommodating living spaces. This approach increased the attractiveness of my listings and sped up the sales process. It established me as a go-to agent for pet owners seeking ideal homes.

    Brandon Shearin
    Brandon ShearinFounder and CEO, Ready House Buyer

    Sell in Walkable, Eco-Conscious Neighborhoods

    The trend of smart growth and walkable neighborhoods led me to focus on properties in areas with high walkability scores, nearby amenities, and public transportation access. Emphasizing these factors attracted buyers seeking convenience and a car-free lifestyle. This strategy helped me sell homes faster in urban and suburban settings, highlighting my ability to cater to the needs of modern, eco-conscious buyers.

    Jessica Henderson
    Jessica HendersonFounder, Sell My House Fast Houston TX

    Adapt Properties for Co-Living Arrangements

    The increasing interest in co-living arrangements prompted me to focus on properties that could be easily adapted for shared living. Highlighting multiple bedrooms, communal spaces, and flexible layouts appealed to buyers interested in co-housing. This strategy addressed the affordability concerns of young professionals and students. It facilitated quicker sales and positioned me as an innovator in housing solutions.

    Shannon Beatty
    Shannon BeattyFounder, House Buying Girls